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Lost In The Dark

Out of the Abyss is a megamodule hardback book published by WOTC for D&D 5e. The characters awaken to rattling chains and find themselves in nearly absolute darkeness, the only light coming from distant specks of phosphorescent fungi and lichens or patches of an ethereal mist of pink, orange, blue and violet. They are behind bars with several other inmates and the first questions quickly ascertain that they are in fact below ground and they are all slaves to a dark grey to black skinned spider worshiping race of matriarchal elves. Their first meal consists of a thin mushroom gruel and they are quickly set to degrading, menial tasks around the outpost. A caravan which is to take them further into the vast expanse that is called the Underdark is overdue which makes them anxious and prone to abusing the slaves, stopping short of damaging the goods. There is one chance of escape, but where there are no straight paths, no roads and they are indeed, strangers in a strange land. Everyone is plagued by dreams, nightmares of vast beings, some lashing about with tentacles for arms and two heads, others mammoth hulks of dead flesh dripping with maggots, another a lake to itself of greenish yellow viscous jelly with uncountable eyes extending themselves on psudopodea, and yet others dream of an endless maze wherein they are relentlessly pursued by a great, horned beast.